Zoe's Rescue Zoo: The Puzzled Penguin

A fluffy rescued penguin and a girl who talks to animals. Utterly magical series reading. If you want a series you can go totally WILD about, Zoe’s Rescue Zoo has to be the one. So who is Zoe? A little girl who has the gift of talking to animals. And who has the massive luck of helping out at her great-uncle’s rescue zoo. In this sweet story, a little penguin is having identity issues. Can Zoe use her magical talent to help this puzzled penguin out? The pictures are almost as cute as the story. Be warned: you’re going to be hooked.

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    This story is about a puzzled Penguin who moves to the Rescue Zoo and a girl called Zoe who can talk to animals and understand them. Zoe’s Great Uncle found Pip in the Antarctica and bought him back to the Rescue Zoo because he was all on his own. When Pip arrived at the Rescue Zoo he did not know that he was a Penguin.

    My favourite part was when Zoe went swimming with the penguins. My favourite character was Pip because he peeps and I think it’s funny. I felt sad for Pip as he must of felt scared and lonely but luckily he had Zoe as a friend to talk to.

    I liked the whole book. I think this book is for boys and girls aged 5+.

    Stephanie, aged 8

    9 September 2013

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