All reviews for Holes

  1. loved it

    I love this book 💘 I like mr pendancekey but the warden is super mean Mayra menkey is quite unfair to girls though Her dad would sell her for a fat pig?! As that gypsy laidy would say PTUE

    24 February 2019

  2. loved it

    This book is awesome! The plot makes your brain whirr and think! I would recommend this to anyone 10+ !

    5 April 2018

  3. loved it

    i am reading this with my class it really good and i watched the film when i came home from school this evening

    23 March 2018

  4. not for me

    I didn’t really enjoy reading this book and I found some parts quite boring. My favourite character was the Warden. I watched the movie and I found that a lot more interesting and I could actually follow the plot line.

    31 March 2017

  5. loved it

    We are reading this book at school and it is awesome I love it so far. I definitely recommend it.

    22 March 2017

  6. rubbish

    This book was boring and rubbish as it it about A boy digging a hole every day and I would not recommend this book

    26 December 2016

  7. liked it

    it was great¬!!!!!!!!

    17 November 2016

  8. not for me

    I found this book rather weird and confusing although it does have a good backstory

    12 August 2016

  9. okay

    It was okay and times the book got quite dull but all books have them moments I guess…

    17 July 2016

  10. loved it

    this book was amazing a very good book to read in class.

    26 June 2016