An Urgent Message of Wowness

My little sister’s a princess. My brother’s a pin-up. My parents are perfect. They’ve all got the wow-factor. But what about ME?

Heather thinks everyone in her family comes from Planet Perfect. Then dad drops a bombshell, and the world turns upside down. Life becomes surprising, exciting and just a little bit mad. But in this topsy-turvy new family, will Heather still fit in? A quirky, heartwarming new comedy from the bestselling author of Ally’s World.

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  • not for me

    i am so sorry but i just could not read this book its just not for me well i like girly books that is because i am really girly and i think this book did not make much sense to me well i do not mean to say anything bad about this book for people who are reading it and stuff maybe others like it but it is just not for me i encourage other people to read it

    21 September 2015

  • I thought this book was amazing, I could relate to it because i sometimes think that i don’t fit in with my family.

    9 March 2014

  • loved it

    I found this book amazing!!! Karen McCombie writes in such a brilliant casual way, it’s like she’s the actual character writing the book! I would recommend any girl age 10 and above should read this book as it is purely FAB!!! WELL DONE TO KAREN McCOMBIE!

    2 November 2013

  • One of my favourite books of all time!!! :)

    19 May 2013

  • WOW

    4 November 2012

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    Karen McCombie

    Karen McCombie is the brilliant, best-selling author of the Ally’s World and Stella Etc. series, plus a number of titles for teenagers.

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