All reviews for Buried Alive!

  1. loved it

    I love this book. I recomendit for all the Jaqueline fans. Its Hilarious…..and the pictures are funny.

    9 July 2009

  2. okay

    Its not my best but its ok once you get into it

    14 May 2009

  3. liked it

    I thourght this book was realy funny ann all the charecters were realy realistic.

    10 January 2009

  4. liked it

    Tis book is really funny and the charicters bring it to life!

    25 December 2008

  5. okay

    This book is OK. PRICKLE HEAD IS A BIG BABY!!

    23 December 2008

  6. not for me

    ive read this book its ok but i didnt really like it its not my “thing”

    9 December 2008

  7. i really want to rea this book

    27 September 2008

  8. loved it

    It’s good funny

    6 July 2008

  9. loved it

    This book is amazing you should read it!

    29 June 2008