All reviews for Kensuke's Kingdom

  1. loved it

    Kensukes Kingdom is an Amazing book it left me on the end of my seat at the end of every chapter. It is quite an magnificent book I couldn’t stop reading it at school so sneakily I carried on reading. At first I thought it would be really boring but as they say never judge a book by its cover. I would recommend this book to loads of people because it can inspire you to do the most creative things or even make you want to read any book because books are literally phenomenal.

    15 November 2016

  2. kensuke’s kingdom is a very good is about a boy michael and his dog stelle artios who have fallen out of their boat and have ended up on this island this is kensuke’s island .even though kensuke helps them he still does not want anyone coming on the island ,he divides the island into 2 and tells michael to stay on his part or he will be punished.

    13 August 2016

  3. loved it

    I really enjoyed this book because it involves all types of genres: action, family, comedy and many other things.

    22 July 2016

  4. liked it

    Well it’s not so much of a bad book but I don’t really Michael Murpurgo as an author to be honest.

    26 June 2016

  5. okay

    It was boring at the start but got better at the end😃

    Plus my teacher started crying wen reading out the letter at the end lol for the lols

    6 June 2016

  6. rubbish

    It’s not that interesting

    2 June 2016

  7. okay

    it was ok and i did like it it got more intresting each time

    4 March 2016

  8. We read this at school last year and I didn’t enjoy it very much, but I think that it would have been better if we could read it at our own pace without having to think about the description etc.

    18 February 2016

  9. This book is quite adventurous but sometimes slightly boring in my opinion.

    20 October 2014

  10. m2

    loved it

    Wen I read this book,I read it about 5 times.

    18 October 2014