All reviews for Tom Gates #1: The Brilliant World of Tom Gates

  1. loved it

    i really liked it.

    20 May 2016

  2. rubbish

    It was really funny!!!

    17 May 2016

  3. loved it

    This book is highly addictive and hilarious!

    17 May 2016

  4. loved it

    A brilliant book for big readers . I could never stop reading it .

    25 March 2016

  5. loved it

    COOL BOOK!!!!!!!!!! NICE

    19 February 2016

  6. liked it

    it is soo good i love tom gates it is so adicting book will give it 10 out of 10

    29 November 2015

  7. loved it

    This book is amazing I definitely recommend this book. booklover2015

    15 November 2015

  8. loved it

    This book is really funny and shows how Tom Gates just about gets through some of his problems. This first book is like a beginners guide to everything that Tom likes and dislikes from caramel wafers to Marcus Mildrew. I love Liz Pichon’s way of writing at the illustrations suite exactly what things look like as well. I would recommend this book to ages 7yrs – 14yrs.

    9 November 2015

  9. loved it

    I think this book would be excellent for all aged children I think they will find it hilarious!!!

    31 October 2015

  10. its really good i would reccomade it online or save up for the book if you dont like reading and at school the techers want you to get this book and the techers will be susprised.

    24 September 2015