All reviews for Tom Gates #1: The Brilliant World of Tom Gates

  1. a lovely book

    2 March 2012

  2. this book is so funny. i would recomend it to any one who likes funny stuff.this book is best suited for 7 to 13 years olds. it is a book which you can get stuck into very quickly and would be great for a bedtime story’ one chapter a night.

    24 February 2012

  3. loved it

    My favourite part was at the Dude3 concert when Tom was begging for tickets when all of a sudden Mr Fullerman, Teacher of class 5F (Tom’s Class) comes along. Up until this point Tom thought that teachers didnt have a life.

    My favourite character was Granny because she made many wacky meals for Tom and his family. My least favourite character was Kevin because he was always mocking the Gates family.

    I rate this book 9/10, I would love to read other Tom Gates books because they are well in the league of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, which I greatly love!!!

    Ben, age 11

    Tom Gates his teachers do not have their eyes on him he likes to draw pictures of his sister and ways to really really annoy her. His teachers think he is really distracted and “lacks focus” even though he thinks is a bit harsh because he sometimes concentrates but only when it comes to biscuits. He discovers one of his teachers has a moustache which is very weird because it is a LADY!!!!! So in front of her and the class instead of calling her Miss Worthing he calls her Miss Worthing-tash!!!! It was so embarrassing for him!!

        This is a very amusing book and should be read by everyone!!!!

    I think this book is for ages : 9-11. This book is both for boys and girls.

    Charlotte, age 10

    9 January 2012

  4. loved it

    LOL i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LO0VE, LOVE ,LOVE ,LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ,LOVE, LOVE ,LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book.Amazing DEFFO 5* ( 5 stars )

    27 November 2011

  5. loved it

    this book is awesome

    10 October 2011