All reviews for Street Child

  1. cool

    15 February 2013

  2. loved it

    in class i am reading this book and i think that its a great book but its a bit sad now i`m doing drama too .

    18 January 2013

  3. loved it

    I am reading this bookin class.


    21 November 2012

  4. loved it

    Loved this book read it in class one of the best books i have ever read.

    6 November 2012

  5. Read this in class and it was mazing😃 Overall awesome book!!

    23 October 2012

  6. I love this book I read it in class

    16 October 2012

  7. liked it

    A great fiction story about a non fiction boy, Jim Jarvis and his life living on the streets and workhouse.

    1 July 2012

  8. okay

    not a bad book even though i only read a little. i would recomend it with the reviews i have read.

    30 April 2012

  9. loved it

    I read this book in class and it was AMAZING, I lOVED it.

    22 April 2012

  10. loved it

    I read this in my class in school because we where finding out about victorian life BUT ITS SO SAD BUT THE HOLE CLASS LOVED IT THOUGH!!!

    19 April 2012