Skulduggery Pleasant: Dark Days

It’s the fourth Skulduggery Pleasant adventure! Only Skulduggery himself is lost on the other side of a portal, with only some evil gods for company. Yes, we know he’s already dead – but can he possibly get out alive? Meanwhile our plucky heroine, Valkyrie, faces a new threat; and that’s not all. There’s also the little fact of the Big Bad, the über-baddie who’s going to really, really destroy the world. And what we learn about that villain in this book will make your jaw fall off and your hair go white with shock. Will Skulduggery make it out of the Faceless Ones’ dimension? Who knows? The problem is, he may not have much to come back to! Hilarious, screamingly tense and packed with bone-crunching, eye-popping action, this is one you’d have to be dead crazy to miss!

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  • loved it

    I’ve read book one to six in this collection and this one was definitely my favourite by far. Skulduggery is trapped in another world with only the faceless ones ( and some torture ) for company. Valkyrie searches for his skull for Fletcher to use to bring him back. She breaks into the sanctuary to get the skull. Fletcher then opens the portal and Valkyrie goes in. She finds Skulduggery lying down and starts to cry and say how hard she has worked to find him. He then roars “boo” at her. She tries to get him back to the normal world but he thinks she is just a hallucination so tries to get her to go away. Then China comes through the portal and skulduggery is puzzled because hallucinations never travelled in pairs. China tells him to come back and finally he goes through the portal. Dreylan scarab is released from jail after 200 years for a crime he didn’t commit. He wants revenge on the people who really committed the crime. He meets with his son ( Billy-Ray Sanguine ) and asks about the people he wants revenge on. Billy-Ray tells him that Meritorious is dead but that Thurid Guild is the grand mage and a great target for him. Scarab says he doesn’t just want revenge on Guild but on the whole sanctuary. If you want to find out more you should read it because I can’t be here all night. :-)

    15 January 2014

  • liked it


    8 March 2013

  • This book grips you and is not to scary I also like the adventure.

    8 March 2013

  • loved it

    a thrilling all out book

    7 March 2012

  • gr8

    loved it

    I havn’t read it but it seems iteresting so I mite read the series.

    22 January 2011

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  • Photo of Derek Landy

    Derek Landy

    Derek Landy is the author of the bestselling Skulduggery books – the funniest dead detective ever!


    Derek Landy has won multiple awards for his Skulduggery Pleasant series, including the Richard & Judy and Red House awards.

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