All reviews for Mr Stink

  1. loved it

    Mr Stink is so good My class are even doing plays on it!

    12 February 2019

  2. okay

    I think it’s a funny book. I liked the first page because it has got good vocabulary. I like it and especially were he screams who washed my coat .Becauese he’s like WHO WASHED MY COAT .

    25 April 2018

  3. loved it

    Hillarious ! Heartwarming ! This is one of the best books I have ever read !

    10 April 2018

  4. loved it

    I think this book is brilliant and I would recommend it to anyone. I watched the film over Christmas and knew I had to read the book. Please, Please, PLEASE read this!

    3 April 2018

  5. loved it

    I loved it

    27 May 2016

  6. loved it

    I loved this book but give Mr stink his saugses

    19 November 2015

  7. liked it

    I think this book is so funny. And rude LOL!

    14 August 2015

  8. okay

    I have listened to the Audio CD with my twin brothers. I like listening to the time table that Annabelle has during the week. Some of the things she does like krumping sounded quite funny and a bit odd too.

    26 June 2015

  9. I definitely loved this book and would recommend it to anyone who loves a bit of humour.

    19 June 2015

  10. loved it, i’ve even seen the film on cbbc! BEST STORY EVER!

    28 May 2015