All reviews for Mr Stink

  1. okay

    I think it’s a funny book. I liked the first page because it has got good vocabulary. I like it and especially were he screams who washed my coat .Becauese he’s like WHO WASHED MY COAT .

    25 April 2018

  2. loved it

    Hillarious ! Heartwarming ! This is one of the best books I have ever read !

    10 April 2018

  3. loved it

    I think this book is brilliant and I would recommend it to anyone. I watched the film over Christmas and knew I had to read the book. Please, Please, PLEASE read this!

    3 April 2018

  4. loved it

    I loved it

    27 May 2016

  5. loved it

    I loved this book but give Mr stink his saugses

    19 November 2015

  6. liked it

    I think this book is so funny. And rude LOL!

    14 August 2015

  7. okay

    I have listened to the Audio CD with my twin brothers. I like listening to the time table that Annabelle has during the week. Some of the things she does like krumping sounded quite funny and a bit odd too.

    26 June 2015

  8. I definitely loved this book and would recommend it to anyone who loves a bit of humour.

    19 June 2015

  9. loved it, i’ve even seen the film on cbbc! BEST STORY EVER!

    28 May 2015

  10. loved it

    Is think this book is really good it shows just how kind you can be I you try no matter what anyone else thinks just keep trying and never give up. It is very kind and caring and David is a very good author so thank you David for making this book about showing your kindness

    13 May 2015