All reviews for Pippi Longstocking: Gift Edition

  1. I have just read this book, it is FANTASTIC!!! I think I am dressing up as Pippi at world books day. I just couldn’t put it down!

    24 November 2016

  2. loved it

    AWESOME This is an brilliant story, or should I say collection of stories. I would recommend this book to someone who is aged 7- 11 and quiet girly. I wish I was Pippi. I would stay up really late. The Lauren Child illustrations were awesome,(they were what made me buy the book in the first place).I also liked Karlson flies again.

    13 April 2014

  3. very good!

    8 March 2014

  4. We are currently reading this book, however I have read it before but it is still AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    21 December 2013

  5. loved it

    When I read the back of the book I thought she was like me but she wasn’t because I don’t enjoy telling tails to other people.

    My favourite part was when Pippi was on the tight rope. My favourite chapter was Pippi goes to the circus because I liked it when Pippi wrestled the strongest man in the world. My favourite character was Pippi because I think she’s funny.

    In the first chapter (Pippi comes to Villekula cottage) the first thing it said was, “At the end of a little Swedish town lay an old, overgrown orchard. In the orchard was a cottage, lied Pippi Longstocking.”

    I loved this book. I think this book is suitable for ages 6+.

    Stephanie, aged 8

    15 August 2013

  6. loved it

    This book is so good and I like all of Pippi’s funny fibs. The most funny thing is she actually admits her stories are not true!!!!!

    5 November 2012

  7. loved it

    I loves this book, its funny yet adventurous. My favourite chapter was when pippi went to tea, it was so funny because she ruined everything and thought it was good!!

    27 February 2012

  8. I loved it ! It is all about a creative lively fun girl any child will love !

    13 February 2012

  9. I would rate this book 10/10 because it is well explained and quite amusing. I really like how Pippi is the sort of girl who acts before she thinks sometimes and is very adventerous

    6 May 2011