A Home for Teasel

A beautifully touching animal story by the author of Fawn: perfect for all you fans of Michael Morpurgo or Gill Lewis. Meet Gwen: the one nobody notices. What with her wild big sister and poorly little brother, she’s used to being forgotten about. She has always dreamed of having a pony, but money isn’t exactly raining from the sky. So Gwen does odd jobs, adding pennies to her pony fund. Until she meets Mrs Tilney. The old lady has a pony that needs looking after. Lending a hand is Gwen’s dream come true. A natural with horses, she quickly bonds with Teasel. But then disaster strikes…

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  • loved it

    this book was pretty good and no offence to Margi McAllister, but it could get boring at times

    27 October 2014

  • okay

    this book is ok

    8 March 2014

  • i loved the text .

    13 October 2013

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    Margi McAllister

    She’s the award-winning author of Fawn and A Home for Teasel, heartwarming animal tales of hope and friendship, perfect for fans of Michael Morpurgo and Lauren St John.


    Margi McAllister won the Heidelberg Leander Prize for Urchin of the Riding Stars.

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