All reviews for Sophie and the Shadow Woods: The Goblin King

  1. okay

    I liked this book as the story was good and the characters were described well. At the end they had pages that the main character had written in her diary about what happened which I liked. I’m not saying this is a girls book but it didn’t quite make it for me but you should read it yourself and make your own choice.

    8 July 2013

  2. not for me

    when i first read this book i could not put it down! i made my dad or mum read it to me when i couldnt be bothered to, i was so into it but like as i kkinda like grew out of the OO mum i like that book can i have it type? if ya get wat i mean?. it was very good but as the books like go up to the next series it starts to get un exciting for me i mean this is from a 11 year old veiw but dont take me seriouly its just my opinon. BUT IF YOU WANT TO BUY IT GO AHEAD ITS GOOD! butt i would say it is for 5+ coz its a bit to babyish for me…

    26 May 2012

  3. OMG!!! This book and the collection are so good!!!! I would really advise reading this if you like goblins and swamp boggles!! 5 STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

    28 March 2012

  4. loved it

    I thought the author wrote it very nicely.I think all the other stories are better.

    23 January 2012