All reviews for Gangsta Granny

  1. loved it

    It’s very interesting and there are lots of moments where you feel very surprised…I love ❤ it!

    18 November 2016

  2. This looks amazing want to read it sisters told me it was so good i don,t believe them

    17 September 2016

  3. loved it

    I loved reading this book because they are descriptive and funny! I love david walliams books and the movies that he makes afterwards. I have watched half of this book in school. I would aim this at ages 9+

    30 March 2016

  4. David Walliams creates a magically believable world in Gangsta Granny, a fantastic story that can be read a million times without becoming bored by anyone with stunning illustrations by Tony Ross.

    Every Friday night, twelve year old Ben is dumped at his tediously dull grandmother’s house for the night, whilst his dance mad parents go on a ‘date night’ to see Strictly Stars Live On Stage. One night though, Ben just can’t stand the cabbage soup and Scrabble after tea any longer and creeps downstairs to phone his parents. What he doesn’t know though is that his grandmother is listening to every whine and grumble he makes about her.

    After this Granny forms a plan to make Ben think that she is an international jewel thief, she tells him all sorts of stories about being a thief, and soon Ben is mixed up in her world.

    The main parts of this story tell of how Ben and his Gangsta Granny steal the Crown Jewels. Some of my favourite aspects of the book include lists, for example in Chapter 8: A Small Wig In A Jar, there is an imaginative and amusing list of the items Ben’s mum has acquired through her love of the famous ballroom dancer, Flavio Flavioli.

    16 March 2016

  5. This book is excellent. My dad read this book to me and i really looked foward to hearing what was going to happen.

    i love the part where they go to steal the crown jewels because Ben thought his nan was a Gangsta…. when they get into the tower of London. there are surprised when they hear the Queen of England asking them why are they here.

    22 February 2016

  6. loved it

    Gripping fun awesome clever and just plain cool!!!

    11 October 2015

  7. loved it

    Love this book. Grannys really don’t seem like gangstas.

    5 May 2015

  8. loved it


    20 March 2015

  9. loved it

    I absolutely love this book because its about a granny and her grandson who try to steal the crown jewels

    Whilst Ben’s mum and dad go to watch their favourite TV programme Strictly Stars Dancing on a Friday night Ben has to go to his boring granny house; eat cabbage related dishes, play scrabble.

    After Granny and Ben try and steal the crown jewels and met the queen granny made an announcement to Ben and said that she had cancer and didn’t have long left to live. When she died Ben said that she wasn’t his boring old granny she was his gangsta granny!

    6 January 2015

  10. Granny’s can be mad, this book proves it. Hilarious as usual David Walliams does it again 👍

    2 January 2015