Skulduggery Pleasant

Meet Skulduggery. He’s a detective. He’s a magician. He loves to crack one-liners. And (now it gets freaky) he’s a skeleton! Detectives get dead cool in this funny cult series. It’s given horror fiction a good hard kick in the pants. Ouch. It all starts when Stephanie inherits her Uncle Gordon’s estate. He wrote horror fiction. Or was it horror fact? Now Stephanie is being chased by vampires, demons and monsters. Only one person – we use that term loosely – can save her skin…

  • Hilarious horror full of wit, suspense and action
  • The first Skulduggery book won the Red House Award
  • “Hugely enjoyable… thrill-a-minute” – Jonathan Stroud
  • Bestselling series that has made a huge impact

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  • My older brother introduced me into the series as he had read it when he was younger.I wasn’t warned i was going to be in for a real imaginary adventure. I loved reading about Stephanie a heir of the last of the ancient ones MUST READ if you havn’t already

    29 August 2014

  • liked it

    this book is so instering and I love reading books only fun books my teacher told me reading is good I listiend to them and starting reading all the time. and them prizes that you could win I do hope I win so I will treasure it and look after it

    20 July 2014

  • loved it

    Loved it!

    21 June 2014

  • loved it

    Awesome book. A real page turner!

    15 June 2014

  • loved it

    My review:

    What’s on common between a curious girl and skeleton ? That the lately passed aways horror author was the uncle of the girl and the best friend of the skeleton. Did I get your attention or not yet? The story begin with telling the well of the dead author when we all including Valkyrie’s family finds out that the lately passed away one left her all of his money, house and everything including his problem which mostly lead to his death. His best friend Skulduggery finds himself in charge of the safety of the very curious Valkyrie who finds her self within the world of ancient fights, book of names, the old ones and people on battle to get the faceless one back to our world. She gets many new friends, discover her inner powers and destiny; by the end of this book you will get very entertained and you will wish to read more of this series .

    Over all:I am in love with this series already and going to give it 5 out of 5 stars. It suites Middle Grade reads and adults who are looking for light laughs and fun ;) . This is such exciting, well written, amazing conversations, FUN and entertainment all at one book. Please hand me part two right away…

    Favorite Quote(s): “So you won’t keep anything from me again?” He put his hand to his chest. “Cross my heart and hope to die.” “Okay then. Though you don’t actually have a heart,” she said. “I know.” “And technically, you’ve already died.” “I know that too.” “Just so we’re clear.”

    1 May 2014

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  • Photo of Derek Landy

    Derek Landy

    Derek Landy is the author of the bestselling Skulduggery books – the funniest dead detective ever!


    Derek Landy has won multiple awards for his Skulduggery Pleasant series, including the Richard & Judy and Red House awards.

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