Storm Cat

Lost in snowy Scotland, can Libby save herself – and a rare wildcat kitten? Not all holidays are fun. Libby can tell you that. She’s stuck in the Scottish Highlands with Mum, Mum’s new boyfriend and his young son, Cam. It’s meant to be all happy families. If only Libby actually felt happy! Mum is acting like a teenager. (Totally shaming.) Cam is busy sulking. Oh yes – and it’s freezing! But when Libby and Cam get lost in a freak blizzard, a day out becomes a life-or-death emergency. And that’s when they find the wildcat kitten…

  • A stunning and heartfelt new story by Margi McAllister
  • A must if you like Michael Morpurgo and Gill Lewis
  • Margi’s books include Archie’s War and Fawn
  • The Scottish wildcat is now even rarer than the tiger

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  • Photo of Margi McAllister

    Margi McAllister

    She’s the award-winning author of Fawn and A Home for Teasel, heartwarming animal tales of hope and friendship, perfect for fans of Michael Morpurgo and Lauren St John.


    Margi McAllister won the Heidelberg Leander Prize for Urchin of the Riding Stars.

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