All reviews for Carrie's War

  1. loved it

    It might not be the most challenging book in the world but I still loved it! I think different people may have different opinions about it but I think out of the many books about war I have read this is one of the best!

    10 June 2014

  2. not for me

    We read it as a class at our primary school and we were so bored! We ended up watching the film and even that was slightly boring. Not the book for me.

    1 January 2014

  3. loved it

    The best book I have read about war

    24 March 2013

  4. i can tell you peaple for a fact that this book is very sad but it is really good.

    8 March 2013

  5. the blurb seems as sad as a girl on the picture in the cover page

    6 March 2013

  6. even though this is quite a short book, i loved it!it was truly beautiful yet sad

    5 March 2013

  7. I found this book boring.

    5 March 2013

  8. A great historical fiction book! It caught my full attention at once. It’s a great classic and very memorable.

    4 March 2013

  9. This heartwarming story is about a World War Two evacuee called Carrie, and her brother, Nick, who were evacuated to a Welsh town. They find themselves living above a grocer’s shop. Mr Evans, who wanted two girl evacuees, is an ogre-like bully. On the other hand, his sister, Auntie Lou, is loving and and eager to help the siblings in any way she can. This book is written by Nina Bawden, in 1973.

    In Mr. Evans’s house, all things plain are regard to with respect (even walking on the stairway carpet more than twice a day is considered a luxury). However, when the children are sent to Druid’s Bottom to fetch the Christmas goose from Mr. Evans’s estranged sister, Mrs. Gotobed, they discover a new and welcoming world of warmth and plenty. The house is managed by Hepzibah Green, a kindly, self-professed witch, assisted by the tongue-tied Mister Johnny, a simple-minded cousin of Mrs. Gotobed’s. Also living on the premises is Albert Sandwich, a fellow evacuee who Carrie befriended earlier. Druid’s Bottom provides a magical refuge to which the children return as often as possible. Hepzibah casts spells with stories, including the matter of the resident ancient skull and its curse. The dying Mrs. Gotobed, Mr Evans’ and Auntie Lou’s elder sister, gives Carrie a mysterious last message to deliver to Mr. Evans after her death. Carrie doesn’t quite grasp the meaning and, with the best of intentions, relays the message with dire consequences. Did Carrie bring down a curse on those she loved by doing the worst thing she ever did in her life? It is only when Carrie returns to Druid’s Bottom as an adult that she learns the fate of her friends. And it is only then that she is able to fully understand her experiences there as a young evacuee.

    This exciting novel is from the point of view of Carrie Willow; polite girl with green eyes, long dark hair and is fairly short. Being very protective over her brother, she always tries to keep him out of trouble. But, at one point, she feels betrayed, when she finds out Nick has been keeping secrets from her… Nick; funny, dark haired and navy eyed, cute, and very truthful. Hating Mr Evans, and hating Carrie when she sticks up to him, he is very friendly with Auntie Lou. In addition to that, (like Carrie) he is also very friendly with Albert Sandwich; a clever, geeky evacuee, Hepzibah; said to be a witch, but too kind and caring, Mr Johnny; a distant cousin of the Gotobed and very good with cows, Mrs Gotobed; elder sister of Mr Evan and Auntie Lou, is kind and good humourdly and leaves carrie a message for Mr Evans; nasty, mean and really bad tenmpered, he takes in Carrie and Willow and works in his shop: Samuel Isaac Evans Retail Grocer, Auntie Lou; kind, caring and scared of Mr Evan’s, she eventually escapes from him and gets married in America.

    The book itself is not bad; in text size or in amount of pictures. The text size is standard, and a picture is given before each chapter. This will allow us to imagine the picture more, and therefore a minimal (or none) amount of pictures would be ideal. This amazing book pulls you straight into it, even if you read it after a long time frame.

    We enjoyed this book very much, and has a fabulous storyline. It takes us back in time to offer more and more little pieces of information and in the end they all fit together to create a generally brilliant plot! We rate this book 9/10 as it provides everything a perfect book needs.

    27 May 2012

  10. This is a great book ! I really enjoyed reading it. It has a fabulous storyline. The book is set in WW2 where bombing, rationing and death are all figures. The story follows Carrie an evacuee and her story of an unlikely friendship. Great read ages 10+

    2 March 2012