All My Secrets

By queen of teen chillers Sophie McKenzie. Let’s face it, £10 million would look very nice in your bank account. But Evie’s parents aren’t sharing how it got there… If you suddenly inherited £10 million from a stranger, you might want to know why. Right? But Evie’s parents – who are clearly in the loop – won’t say a word about where it came from. The quest for answers takes Evie to the mysterious island of Lightsea. Here, she finds out that this stunning sum of money comes with an even more stunning (but rather dangerous) reality. A thrilling story of lies, mystery and money from the author of Girl, Missing.

This book contains mature content.

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  • Photo of Sophie McKenzie

    Sophie McKenzie

    Sophie McKenzie is the bestselling, award-winning author of nailbiting thrillers like Girl, Missing.


    Sophie McKenzie has won lots of awards, including Red House Awards for Blood Ties, Medusa Project: Hit Squad and Girl, Missing_, and the Richard & Judy Prize for Girl, Missing.

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