Clangers: The Brilliant Surprise

Fact: there’s nothing cuter than a Clanger, all knitted and soft and cosy. Except for one thing: a little Clanger trying to puzzle out a wonderful mystery! One night on the Clangers’ blue planet, a strange star appears in the sky. Everybody knows what it is – except Tiny! Can he solve this twinkly mystery? Truly huggable fun to cosy up with. Forget scarves and socks – the knits we love best are these adorable woolly friends!

  • Adorable new picture book starring the Clangers
  • Written by the son of the original Clangers creator
  • Beautifully illustrated with bright cartoon pictures
  • Perfect for little fans of the new CBeebies series

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  • Daniel Postgate

    Daniel Postgate is the author of The Snagglegrollop.


    Daniel Postgate won the Nottinghamshire Children’s Book Award for Smelly Bill in 2006.

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