Daniel Postgate

Daniel Postgate, author of The Snagglegrollop, is a freelance author, illustrator and cartoonist with over 20 years’ experience. His other titles include Smelly Bill, Kevin Saves the World and Big Mum Plum. Daniel’s books are very popular and have been recognised for lots of awards. To date he has won both the Nottingham Children’s Book Award and Norfolk County Children’s Book Award, and he has been shortlisted for both the Sheffield and Stockport Children’s Book Awards.

Books by Daniel Postgate

  • Awesome Arithmetricks

    Awesome Arithmetricks

  • Clangers: The Brilliant Surprise

    Clangers: The Brilliant Surprise

  • Cosmo and the Pirates

    Cosmo and the Pirates

  • Dead Dinosaurs

    Dead Dinosaurs

  • Fantastic Future

    Fantastic Future

  • Friends in the Snow

    Friends in the Snow

  • Gobsmacking Galaxy

    Gobsmacking Galaxy

  • The Mean and Vulgar Bits

    The Mean and Vulgar Bits

  • The Secrets of Sums

    The Secrets of Sums

  • The Snagglegrollop

    The Snagglegrollop


Daniel Postgate won the Nottinghamshire Children’s Book Award for Smelly Bill in 2006.