Photo of Ali Sparkes

Ali Sparkes

Ali Sparkes is the author of lots of children’s books including the award winning Frozen in Time, and the Monster Makers, Shapeshifter and S.W.I.T.C.H. series.

She’s also a journalist and BBC broadcaster who regularly exploits her sons, as an in-house focus group for her children’s novels. She reckons it’s a fair trade for being used as a walking food and drink vending machine.

Ali was a local newspaper reporter and columnist before joining BBC Radio Solent as a producer and presenter and then chucked in the safe job to be dangerously freelance and write scripts and manuscripts. Her first venture was as a comedy columnist on Woman’s Hour and later on Home Truths.

She grew up adoring adventure stories about kids who mess about in the woods and still likes to mess about in the woods herself whenever possible. Ali lives with her husband and two sons in Southampton.

Books by Ali Sparkes

  • Bashertaur


  • Electrotaur and Slashermite

    Electrotaur and Slashermite

  • Frozen in Time

    Frozen in Time

  • Night Speakers

    Night Speakers

  • Out of This World

    Out of This World

  • Spacemite


  • Stinkermite


  • SWITCH: Alligator Action

    SWITCH: Alligator Action

  • SWITCH: Ant Attack

    SWITCH: Ant Attack

  • SWITCH: Beetle Blast

    SWITCH: Beetle Blast

  • SWITCH: Crane Fly Crash

    SWITCH: Crane Fly Crash

  • SWITCH: Fly Frenzy

    SWITCH: Fly Frenzy

  • SWITCH: Grasshopper Glitch

    SWITCH: Grasshopper Glitch

  • SWITCH: Spider Stampede

    SWITCH: Spider Stampede

  • Unleashed: A Life and Death Job

    Unleashed: A Life and Death Job


Ali Sparkes won the Blue Peter Book Award in 2010 for Frozen in Time.