Photo of Lauren St John

Lauren St John

Lauren St John was born in Gatooma, Rhodesia, now Kadoma, Zimbabwe. Aged 11 she and her family moved to Rainbow’s End farm in Gadzema, which later became the subject of her memoir. After studying journalism, she relocated to England, where she was golf correspondent for the SUNDAY TIMES.

She is the author of several books on sports and music, as well as the award-winning children’s series The White Giraffe, the Blue Peter Award winning Laura Marlin series, and the bestselling One Dollar Horse trilogy.

Books by Lauren St John

  • Dolphin Song

    Dolphin Song

  • Race the Wind

    Race the Wind

  • The Elephant's Tale

    The Elephant's Tale

  • The Last Leopard

    The Last Leopard

  • The White Giraffe

    The White Giraffe


Lauren St John won the 2010 Blue Peter Book of the Year Award for Dead Man’s Cove. White Giraffe has won several awards, including the East Sussex, Calderdale and Stockport prizes.