Jiggy McCue Pack

A gruesomely funny clutch of comedies starring boy disaster Jiggy McCue. Whether he’s being harassed by killer underpants, bullied by an evil genie, or flushed down a terrible toilet with a soggy surprise down the U-bend, his misadventures will have you groaning with laughter! But don’t worry. Such terrible misfortunes could never REALLY happen – except to Jiggy McCue!

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  • loved it

    Jiggy Mccue is such a funny series i love all the books so far i have read 7 out of 14 books. Hilarious stories any child 8 to 15.

    FIVE STARS!!!!

    10 April 2013

  • Great and entertaining. BUY THEM!

    1 July 2012

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  • Photo of Michael Lawrence

    Michael Lawrence

    Michael Lawrence is best known for the hilarious Jiggy McCue series.


    Michael Lawrence won the Stockton Book Award for The Killer Underpants and the Solihull Children’s Book of the Year for Nudie Dudie.

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