Monster Makers #1: Electrotaur and Slashermite

Eeeek! When Jack and Lewis’s monster drawings come to scary life, they wake to confront Electrotaur and Slashermite in their room! Can they get the monsters back into Tauronia – while making sure no-one suspects a thing? The first book in the gripping series about Jack and Lewis, the “monster makers” who make drawings – and make monsters come alive!

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  • I just love this book it is a very exciting one as well.

    28 September 2012

  • If you know that this book is great I am reading it now! Do you like it?

    1 October 2011

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  • Photo of Ali Sparkes

    Ali Sparkes

    Ali Sparkes is the author of lots of brilliant adventure books including the award-winning Frozen in Time, and the Monster Makers, Shapeshifters and S.W.I.T.C.H. series.


    Ali Sparkes won the Blue Peter Book Award in 2010 for Frozen in Time.

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