Raven Mysteries #1: Flood and Fang

A weird and wonderful Gothic mystery told from a raven’s-eye view! At Otherhand Castle, can Edgar the faithful raven save his human family as cellars flood, kitchen-maids vanish, and a dark beast prowls? Edgar is alarmed when he sees a nasty-looking black tail slinking under the castle walls. But his warnings to the Otherhand family go unheeded. Lord Valevine is far too busy trying to invent the unthinkable and discover the unknowable. His wife, Minty, is absorbed in her obsession with baking, while ten-year-old Cudweed is running riot with his infernal pet monkey. Only Solstice, the black-haired, poetry-writing Otherhand daughter, pays any attention. But as the lower storeys of the castle mysteriously flood and kitchen-maids continue to go missing, the family are coming ever closer to the dreadful owner of the black tail…

“Told from the bird’s eye view of a resident raven, this is a deliciously topsy-turvy comedy full of unusual details.” Julia Eccleshare, Lovereading4kids.com

“As funny and twisted as the members of the Otherhand family themselves… You’ll laugh when you read this book – a lot.” Trappedbymonsters.com

“Told with extraordinary wit and razor sharp repartee; Edgar is a comical genius.” Thetruthaboutbooks.com

“I’ve lost count of how many times I had to put it down because I was laughing so much, but lets just say it was a lot!” Wondrousreads.com

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  • This sounds like a book that’s going to be very intresting a bit amusing and most of all frightening I hope I’m really won’t to read this.

    10 December 2012

  • this sounds great. I love sacary books.

    8 May 2012

  • This book is fantastic. A must read for all spooky book lovers! (like me!)


    8 November 2011

  • loved it

    this is the best book i have ever read perfect for spooky story lovers

    27 September 2011

  • loved it

    can’t wait t get the next book but i am no where near being perky i am a goth not a girly girl MUST HAVEBOOK

    19 July 2011

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    Marcus Sedgwick’s awards include the Branford Boase Award, the Booktrust Teenage Prize, the Blue Peter Prize and in 2014 won the Americal Library Association’s Michael L. Printz award for Midwinterblood.

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