New from the legendary Sophie McKenzie! Trolls are scary in caves. They’re nasty on the web. But they’re deadly when they get offline… Who is SweetFreak – the hateful online troll who is stalking Amelia with threats and vicious comments? He’s scaring her to death. And her best friend Carey is getting the blame. Shunned by Amelia and their other friends, Carey wants to expose the real culprit and clear her name. But then the online attacks spill over into real life. SweetFreak is out of the web. SweetFreak might be standing right behind you, and there’s nothing sweet about it…

  • A heart-stopping thriller by the blockbusting Sophie McKenzie
  • Sophie’s award-winning books include Girl, Missing and Close My Eyes
  • Tense, terrifying writing that keeps you guessing till the very end
  • Highly topical and relevant themes of cyberbullying and stalking

“When it comes to YA thrillers, there’s one name that defines the genre: Sophie McKenzie.” Amy Alward

“Sophie’s thrillers are brilliant… You can’t stop reading.” Robert Muchamore

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  • Photo of Sophie McKenzie

    Sophie McKenzie

    Sophie McKenzie is the bestselling, award-winning author of nailbiting thrillers like Girl, Missing.


    Sophie McKenzie has won lots of awards, including Red House Awards for Blood Ties, Medusa Project: Hit Squad and Girl, Missing_, and the Richard & Judy Prize for Girl, Missing.

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