The Meanest Genie

Tradition in Jiggy’s hometown states that the night before a boy’s first day at school, his dad must take him to the Piddle Pool near the old quarry. Boys pee in the pool to guarantee a lucky school life. But Jiggy’s dad never took him… and it shows! Now Jiggy wants to change his run of bad luck, so he makes his own trip to the Piddle Pond. But that night, mid-piddle, a genie rises from the water. Is Jiggy’s bad luck about to change – or will it just get worse?

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  • Photo of Michael Lawrence

    Michael Lawrence

    Michael Lawrence is best known for the hilarious Jiggy McCue series.


    Michael Lawrence won the Stockton Book Award for The Killer Underpants and the Solihull Children’s Book of the Year for Nudie Dudie.

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