The White Giraffe #1: The White Giraffe

For a split second their eyes locked, the small sad girl and the slender young giraffe, then the sky went dark.

Martine is eleven when she goes to live on a South African game reserve. It’s a place as cruel as it is beautiful. At first, Martine hates it. How can she be happy? She’s lonely and friendless: an orphan, stuck with a grumpy guardian miles from anywhere. But then Martine meets the white giraffe. One night he’s there, outside her window: silver in the moonlight, looking straight at her. What does he want? Well: he knows something special about Martine: something she doesn’t…

  • First in a best-loved series full of magic and mystery
  • Brings Africa’s animals and landscapes to dramatic life
  • Heartfelt message about respecting wildlife and nature
  • The White Giraffe has won seven children’s book awards

“A spellbinding and mesmerizing debut novel.” Publishing News

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  • This book tells the most amazing story ever I loved all the characters but I especially did not like Alex he was very cruel and was a very big actor , the character that I liked the most was jemmy he looked very beautiful indeed and I hope that there are as good books as this one is.

    30 April 2020

  • loved it

    This book was amazing I really enjoyed it I’d love to be Martine an live on a game reserve but I wouldn’t like to lose my family

    26 June 2014

  • loved it

    Martine is a 11 year old girl who when a tragedy happens where she lost both parents in a fire, goes to live in a game reserve in Africa. When she gets there it feels as if she has known the reserve for years. Until one night Martine sees a White giraffe shimmering in the moonlight and it stands there as if it is waiting – Waiting for Martine….

    A astounding sequel with amazing adjectives and verbs! You just can’t stop turning the pages!

    8 March 2014

  • This is a sometimes hard to read book. The main character has seen a white giraffe but no-one seems to know anything about it until another family member tells her he knows she has seen it. It is hard because it is about hunting beautiful animals but it is a moving lovely story and it is really believable, especially the descriptions of the animals and land.

    7 March 2012

  • I loved The White Giraffe because it made me feel like I was there. It is a charming and heart warming read. I love the strong friendship that Martine and the White Giraffe have.

    Lauren, age 10

    18 October 2011

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  • Lauren St John

    Lauren St John is author of the award-winning Laura Marlin mysteries and the bestselling One Dollar Horse series.


    Lauren St John won the 2010 Blue Peter Book of the Year Award for Dead Man’s Cove. White Giraffe has won several awards, including the East Sussex, Calderdale and Stockport prizes.

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