The White Giraffe #2: Dolphin Song

Through the wild waves came one hundred dolphins…

Martine’s class are off on a school trip to the islands of Mozambique when disaster strikes their ship. Martine and her classmates are left swimming in shark-infested waters – until dolphins arrive, guiding them to a coral-ringed island. Here the castaways must learn to survive. Will Martine’s magical gift help her to save both humans and animals when a deadly peril threatens them all?

“Transports you instantly into the heart of Africa… beguiling story-telling with a timeless feel.” The Bookseller

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    9 March 2013

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  • Photo of Lauren St John

    Lauren St John

    Lauren St John is author of the award-winning Laura Marlin mysteries and the bestselling One Dollar Horse series.


    Lauren St John won the 2010 Blue Peter Book of the Year Award for Dead Man’s Cove. White Giraffe has won several awards, including the East Sussex, Calderdale and Stockport prizes.

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