The White Giraffe #4: The Elephant's Tale

It’s the first day of the winter holidays, and Martine has lots of fun planned – not least spending time with Jemmy, her white giraffe. But her plans for a peaceful break are shattered when a sinister man tells Martine and her grandma that their precious nature reserve, Sabuwona, is about to be repossessed. It’s up to Martine to save the home she loves. So when Grace has a strange vision about a unique herd of elephants, Martine travels to Namibia to learn their secrets. Could the elephants have the answer she’s looking for?

“There’s simply no-one better than Lauren St John for such vivid descriptions of Africa and the wild animals featured.”

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    Lauren St John

    Lauren St John is author of the award-winning Laura Marlin mysteries and the bestselling One Dollar Horse series.


    Lauren St John won the 2010 Blue Peter Book of the Year Award for Dead Man’s Cove. White Giraffe has won several awards, including the East Sussex, Calderdale and Stockport prizes.

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