The Worst Children's Jobs in History

Chimney-sweeping, turnip-picking or digging down a mine. In the nasty past, kids weren’t spared hard labour! Read on to meet the unlucky children who became human scarecrows, servants and factory hands – and, most miserable of all, the gloop-splattered boy who scooped people’s poo out of sewers. It’s all here, complete with full colour pictures and heaps of nasty bits! A hilarious and startling look at the horrid side of history from former Blackadder star Tony Robinson.

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  • loved it

    This book is really interesting especially as I love the topic of history this is a funny guide to an aspiring but giggly topic.

    19 June 2013

  • This is a great book, i learned loads from reading this. It has lots of pictures and is laid out in a lovely fashion. Great help for homework and just for pleasure reading. i would recommend for ages 10+

    3 March 2012

  • loved it

    I think its a good book because you learn about all the hard jobs children had to do.Some of the punishments in the book were a bit harsh.

    30 December 2008

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  • Photo of Tony Robinson

    Tony Robinson

    Best known as Baldrick from iconic TV show Baldrick, Tony Robinson has also been a writer since he was old enough to pick up a pencil.


    Tony Robinson has won two Blue Peter Book Awards for The Worst Children’s Jobs in History and Weird World of Wonders: World War II.

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