Unleashed: A Life and Death Job

A group of special teenagers, each with an incredible power. They live together, learning how to use their abilities, protected from those who wish to harm them. Now, for one short week, they are let out into the world, with strict instructions that they must not use their powers. But knowing the rules is easy. Obeying them, less so… For Lisa, every day is about life and death. She hears dead people talking, and they won’t leave her alone. But when someone is kidnapped on a trip to London, it’s the living who need her help. Lisa knows she must act, but it means walking into mortal danger. Now she fears for her own life – but is there anyone to help her?

Get set for conspiracy, kidnap and a heart-stopping race against time in book one of this brand new series by the award-winning Ali Sparkes!

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  • loved it

    i think this book is a brilliant read but the downside is that you have to have read the shapeshifter series(finding the fox, running the risk, gone to ground, dowsing the dead, stirring the storm) before you read this or it won’t make any sense, they are epic anyway(look on amazon because they are not on here, dosent mean there not good!!!) don’t know what the price is because i got it out the libray READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6 November 2013

  • loved it

    This book is another amazing one by Ali Sparkes.

    The Unleashed series is a follow-up from the Shapeshifter series, where Dax’s friends tell about their adventures.

    In this book, Lisa and Mia are on a shopping trip in London. When a girl is kidnapped, Lisa tries to help with her gift. But it goes wrong, and she is the one in danger.

    This book is thrilling, and I’ve read it a number of times!

    4 March 2013

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  • Photo of Ali Sparkes

    Ali Sparkes

    Ali Sparkes is the author of lots of brilliant adventure books including the award-winning Frozen in Time, and the Monster Makers, Shapeshifters and S.W.I.T.C.H. series.


    Ali Sparkes won the Blue Peter Book Award in 2010 for Frozen in Time.

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