Young Bond Series 2: Red Nemesis

The storming finale! 007 hero – or very dead zero? If Bond wants to become a legend, he must stop a very bad dude… James is on home soil when danger comes knocking. He’s been sent a package: a message from beyond the grave. Just opening it puts James at the centre of a tangled plot to paint London’s streets red with blood. Now James Bond has to 1) stay alive. 2) Save his country. 3) Clear the Bond family name. The stakes couldn’t be higher. If James can’t win, all his tomorrows are going to die today.

  • Steve Cole’s fouth and final blistering Young Bond mission
  • Action, intrigue, danger, suspense – no-holds-barred thrills!
  • Hugely acclaimed series with over five million copies sold
  • Steve has written several bestselling Doctor Who books

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    Steve Cole

    Steve Cole is the hilarious, best-selling author of Astrosaurs, Cows In Action and the brand new Slime Squad.

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