Young Bond Series 2 #2: Heads You Die

Too young to spy? Nope. Too young to die? Nope. Too lucky to die? It’s 50-50 odds… James Bond is in Cuba on a paradise vacation. Wait – scratch that. James is in Cuba, living in a nightmare. His mission: to stop a villain with a really sick hobby. A guy who’s perfected 1000 ways to kill. Eeek. Now it’s a breakneck race through Havana, to stop a countdown to mass murder. Think the local cops might lend a hand? Wrong! They’re too busy trying to shoot James! Innocent lives (and James’s slightly-less-innocent one) hang on a crazy gamble. Heads or tails – live or die. But when you’re as tough as James Bond, we reckon you make your own luck.

  • Steve Cole’s second explosive Young Bond adventure
  • Action, intrigue, danger, suspense – no-holds-barred thrills!
  • Hugely acclaimed series with over five million copies sold
  • Steve has written several bestselling Doctor Who books

“The future of Young Bond is in good hands. Full marks to Steve Cole.” Bookzone4boys

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  • Steve Cole

    Steve Cole is the hilarious, best-selling author of Astrosaurs, Cows In Action and the brand new Slime Squad.

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