Review Team

19 Mar 2012

Charlie, age 6, has been busy reviewing the best new rib-tickling picture books. Here are his top picks!

Welcome to Alien School, an intergalactic school caper from the team behind Supermarket Zoo. Charlie gave this one top marks:

“My favourite part was when Albie couldn’t do space spellings because they were in an alien language; like flobbedy oobeddy pom pom, I also liked the magic space paints because the picture comes alive! Finally I really liked the space scooters, I wish I could have one!

I rate this book 10/10 because its really funny and there was really silly pictures like alienghetti!”

Ready Charlie’s full review and click Look Inside for a sneak peek at the book.

Nora, The Girl Who Ate & Ate..

If you’re a fan of the Aliens Love Underpants books then don’t miss Nora: The Girl Who Ate and Ate from Aliens illustrator Ben Cort.

Charlie says:

“I really enjoyed Nora The Girl Who Ate and Ate. It`s about a girl called Nora who couldn’t stop eating! When she got sent to her room without tea, she ate all of her toys in her room.

My favourite scene was when Nora burped because loads of food came out, they looked wierd and disgusting as she had eaten them ages ago!”

Click Look Inside to take a sneak peek.

Welcome to Alien School