The Summer Reading Challenge!

13 Aug 2021

Join us on the Scholastic Summer Reading Trail! We’ve created a series of exciting reading challenges for you to complete over the summer holidays.

Read loads of books and complete the free activities – you’ll even get a certificate when you’re done!

Take a look at our Reading Trail map to track your progress.

  • Challenge 1 – Read a book outside
  • Challenge 2 – Read a fantasy book that’s out of this world
  • Challenge 3 – Read a book set outside the UK
  • Challenge 4 – Read a book about nature or animals
  • Challenge 5 – Read an adventure story
  • Challenge 6 – Read a comforting classic

For every challenge, we’ve created a free activity pack to go alongside it. Take a look!

And don’t forget to download the certificate so you can show your parents, teachers and friends how much you’ve been reading! View the certificate.

Scholastic Summer Reading Trail