Today is Roald Dahl Day!

13 Sep 2020

Happy Roald Dahl Day – whether you’re dressing up, throwing a party, or just reading one of his brilliant books.

To celebrate, here are some fun facts about Roald Dahl:

  • Roald Dahl, who’s whose birthday was also today, wrote over 40 books. He wrote many of his books in a shed at the bottom of his garden – which he called his ‘writing hut’.
  • He was a fighter pilot and spy in World War 2.
  • He based many of his characters on real people that he knew.
  • As a boy, Roald Dahl worked at Cadbury chocolate factory as a chocolate tester. (Maybe that’s where he got his idea for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?)

Put your knowledge to the test, and try our Roald Dahl quiz!

Roald Dahl