It’s World Emoji Day!

17 Jul 2019


World Emoji Day is an unofficial holiday celebrated on 17 July. The day is a global celebration of emoji and is celebrated with emoji events around the world.

Here are some fun facts about emojis:

  • There are 2,666 official emoji
  • Emoji is a japanese word. If you split the word up, the ‘e’ part means picture and the ‘moji’ part means character. It looks like this in japanese 絵文字
  • World Emoji Day takes place on 17th July because the calendar emoji shows the default date of 17th July
  • In 2015, the Face with Tears of Joy emoji was named the Word of the Year by Oxford Dictionaries
  • Emojis are a type of ideogram. Ideograms are pictures or symbols that represent an idea or concept

What’s your favourite emoji?

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Heart Eyes - emoji
Sunglasses emoji
Crying laughing emoji

Sunglasses emoji