All reviews for Tom Gates #1: The Brilliant World of Tom Gates

  1. loved it

    its sooooooooooooo good

    31 December 2019

  2. liked it

    I loved this book so much I bought it out of my birthday money in fact all my birthday money was spent on books xxxxxxx

    8 June 2019

  3. loved it

    I loved this book it was so good.I coudn’t stop reading it.

    3 June 2019

  4. loved it

    This book was awesome!!! I have read it twice because I really loved it! The jokes, how the story in the book is told makes this book the best book I read so far!!! I recommend others to read this amazing book!!!

    5 April 2019

  5. A great book

    7 March 2019

  6. loved it

    my class loved this book

    18 November 2017

  7. loved it

    Brilliant! I really enjoyed this book it is the best!

    7 February 2017

  8. These books are good

    25 December 2016

  9. This is an amazing book from what i have read so far and i would recommend to anyone ages 6-18 and i am not just recommending this book all of the tom gates books

    3 December 2016

  10. loved it

    I enjoyed this book and I think other people may find it interesting.

    25 October 2016