Caroline Plaisted

Caroline Plaisted is a talented author who has written a number of titles for young girls, and lives in Kent with her two daughters – one of whom is a true glitter girl!

Books by Caroline Plaisted

  • Brownies: Book Bonanza

    Brownies: Book Bonanza

  • Brownies: Christmas Cheer

    Brownies: Christmas Cheer

  • Brownies: Circus Camp

    Brownies: Circus Camp

  • Brownies: Dance Dash

    Brownies: Dance Dash

  • Brownies: Friends Forever

    Brownies: Friends Forever

  • Brownies: Helping Hands

    Brownies: Helping Hands

  • Brownies: Perfect Promise

    Brownies: Perfect Promise

  • Brownies: Sleepover Surprise

    Brownies: Sleepover Surprise